Searching for Old Land Mines

During World War II, thousands of soldiers trained at a base in Franklin County. Now, on the surface, almost nothing remains of Camp Gordon Johnston, but it's the danger left below the surface that has created some concerns.

Sixty-year-old weapons can still be found in Franklin County, and cleaning them up has become a top priority.

In the sands of Franklin County lies a hidden danger. Land mines, hand grenades and warheads may be just underfoot. The land mine is a relic of World War II. Thirty thousand soldiers trained at Camp Gordon Johnston during the war. In Franklin County, soldiers learned how to storm the beaches of Europe and the Pacific.

Over the next several weeks, the U.S. Army Corps of engineers will scour several sites to clear away the old ordinance, a cleanup prompted by St. Joe company development plans. Army engineers say there's ample evidence that live rounds still exist.

Army engineers say the danger is minimal if you leave the old ordinance alone. If you do stumble across an old weapon it is always best to report it to local law enforcement.