Florida's University Presidents Say Budget Work Not Done

University presidents from the sunshine state are saying thank you to legislators, after lawmakers worked to minimize cuts to higher education. However, the presidents, who just ended a statewide campaign against the cuts, say work is not done on either side.

Tuesday's press conference wrapped up a tour of the sunshine state, where college heads had protested a proposed $118 million cut to higher education. T.K. Wetherell is thankful legislators heard their concerns, somewhat.

“$60 million in recurring general revenue, that leaves us at $60 million shy, 1/2 full glass of water, says Wetherell.

Tuition increases and enrollment growth still have Wetherell anxious about the final budget.

“We have 3,000 more students than the plan allows for,” Wetherell adds.

Meanwhile, head rattler Dr. Fred Gainous, also knows he may have some tough decisions ahead of him.

“We'll have to look at employment, class size, sections offered,” Gainous said.

But Gainous and other presidents are staying optimistic. Gov. Bush stated last week that university presidents will be pleased with the final product from the legislature.