Bicycle Safety

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Motorists are now joining many others on the roadways traveling by bicycle to save a little money on gas, but there are some things both motorists and cyclists should learn before heading out on the roadways.

SGT Judy Suchocki of the Tallahassee Police Department said, "Bicyclists have the same requirements that any motor vehicle has, so any traffic laws they are required to obey."

Not obeying the traffic law can have some serious consequences. A week ago, a cyclist was killed on Highway 20. Authorities say the man crossed into traffic and collided with a Leon County deputy’s car.

Investigators say the bike did not have reflectors or lights, which are required at night.

Capital City cyclist Mark Cross said, "Be aware of the cars around you. Wear bright colors, have a mirror on your helmet or on your bike, and have flashing lights so you increase your visibility to the cars.

The National Highway Transportation and Safety Administration reported more bicycle deaths in Florida than in any other state in 2005.

Sunshine Cycles owner Edward Holt said, "The cyclist needs to take responsibility for themselves. No matter what the rules say, if a mishap occurs you’re going to lose."

Holt also says motorists and cyclists have another responsibility.

"Some education on both sides as to what to expect and where to look for a cyclist could go a long way to help."

Cyclists say there should more bicycle friendly roads, and that would prevent them from riding in traffic lanes. Cyclists and authorities hope more can be done in our area to increase bicycle safety.