Development vs. Tallahassee Neighborhoods

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Bulldozers and cleared trees; signs of new developments are frequent in Tallahassee these days, especially around the downtown area. But residents who share living space in the center of town aren't thrilled with every aspect of the new business developments.

"I don't think anybody was concerned about the development itself, it was just developing on the fringe of a residential area, a very quiet, nice residential area," says Chad Allen, president of the Magnolia Heights Neighborhood Association.

Allen's house used to face two acres of woods, but now the Miller's Ale House parking lot and noise from bar patrons are constant reminders of new developments.

Romano's Macaroni Grill is scheduled to be built. Obviously, trees have been cleared for the new restaurant but this site on Apalachee Parkway borders other businesses such as Governor’s Square and Blockbuster Video.

Allen says developments on those types of locations don't compromise Tallahassee's residential integrity.

"We want you here, but we also want to keep our neighborhood safe and clean and nice and quiet," Allen adds.

But other Tallahassee residents are just happy to see new development in the city.

"It's good, it's good. It brings more jobs, more opportunities for people to make more money, you know. I mean, the more people come in and move in, we need jobs to help them out," says Daniel Hadder, a construction site foreman.

And as the capital city continues to grow, this issue isn't likely to go away any time soon. Other businesses such as hotels and condominiums are also going up around the downtown area, but none are right beside a residential neighborhood.