Gadsden Fiscally Restrained

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The money will come from Florida's communications service tax.

Gadsden County is growing by leaps and bounds with new development taking shape all over the area. The rural community is one of several in the state of Florida with low property values that's not putting enough money in its coffers

The state of Florida is now helping out by setting aside funding for fiscally constrained counties. That funding will be used to help in various area.

Commissioner Ed Dixon said, "More officers on the streets, buildings and planning, growth management issues, economic development issues. While we grow we don't want to be a housing community; we want to be a full service community so we can keep our tax bases here.”

Thirty counties will share the $17 million set aside for fiscally constrained counties. Gadsden is set to receive $804,000, money they'll use for service oriented programs.

Commissioner Brenda Holt added, "We're looking at different projects, but we want to make sure that we have a project or several projects that will be seen. Right now we're at the planning stages. We want to make sure it's used wisely.”

It’s a wise decision for a county that relies on state and federal funding to help them get projects up and running. Some six rural counties in the Big Bend area were able to get money from the state.