Early Voting in Georgia

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Advanced voting begins in Georgia. All this week citizens have the chance to cast their votes for the primary elections without a photo id.

Georgia voters are taking advantage of early voting and heading to the polls.

For this election, citizens can vote without having to worry about photo identification.

Lisa Green, the Chief Deputy of Registrar in Thomas County, says, "They issued an injunction on the new voter ID law, the photo ID law, so we are reverting back to the original 17 forms of ID we can accept, just like in all the other elections."

Georgia's attorney general filed an emergency appeal blocking the state's voter ID law.

Your Social Security cards, payment stubs, utility bills, anything with your name and address proving you're a Georgia citizen, is accepted.

The next challenge is to urge citizens to take advantage of early voting, making sure everyone is heard.

Thomas County voter Shameka Bowdry says, "A lot of people are not able to get out and go to the polls on election day, so this week will give people the chance to come out and vote."

Thomas County residents can cast early votes all this week until Friday to get a head start on the July 18 primaries, which include the race for governor and lieutenant governor.