Amendment 2 Rally

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With election day approaching many local residents say they still don't feel like they know enough about the controversial Marriage Amendment.

People are filling out their ballots at this very moment, but many Tallahassee residents still don't feel like they have enough information about Amendment 2.

After asking numerous local residents what they know about Amendment 2, they said the following:

"I don't know anything about Amendment two. Yeah, not much"

"That we just talk about it in class a little bit but as far as like me understanding, I don't know too much about it."

"Not too much. nope."

Although some residents still feel uninformed there are people in the community committed to spreading awareness.

Tallahassee residents rallied outside the capital building Saturday expressing their first amendment right. Their goal - to get out information about Amendment 2 before the November 4th election.

"Um Amendment 2 is what they're calling the Marriage Protection Amendment and the most common thing that is heard the most is that it is a ban on same sex marriage but what people aren't hearing is the second part of the amendment which is very loosely worded and it dangers a lot of unmarried Floridians." said Amanda James, Co-Chair of the Steering Committee for Fairness for All Families of North Florida.

"Also I advocate to people with disabilities and I have a lot of friends that are senior citizens and if you co-habitate this amendment will effect them dramatically." said Toni Ping, a Tallahassee resident.

Supporters of Amendment 2 feel that if passed, it will provide security for traditional marriages. They feel that it protects the belief "one man, one woman"

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