Leon County Voters Get New Voter Cards

New voter cards are on the way to Leon County voters. The Supervisor of Elections Office says the cards are coming after Florida switched to a statewide database at the beginning of the year giving every Florida voter a new registration number.

Once the cards are in hand, voters are asked to verify their addresses, date of birth and party affiliation. Any wrong information should be reported immediately.

Janet Olin, Assistant Supervisor of Elections, Leon County, said, “Book closing will restrict the party affiliation 29 days prior to an election, that means come Aug. 7, you will not be able to vote the party you think you belong to, it's whatever is on the card you will have to vote on if you don't contact us by that time.”

Leon County voters who do not receive their new voter cards in the next seven days should call the Supervisor of Elections office at 850-606-VOTE.