Little Leagues Fight for Lights

A little league's fight for lights may end in victory, but it's sparking anger among some of the neighbors of Chaires-Capitola Community Park.

Marcy Palmer says she is disturbed by the county's decision to move forward with the purchase of ballpark lights without more community input, bringing up a promise made in 1998 by the Commission to come to the community first.

She and several neighbors say they feel they were not properly notified.

Marcy Palmer lives across the street from Chaires-Capitola Community Park and says,
"I'm fully willing to accept whatever decision my neighbors make, if a majority of them want lights, I can live with that, but at least let us have a voice."

Mark Bartell's son plays for little league team, said, “This is what it's all is for the kids and the decision they made to move forward and do what's right, I think it's a wise decision.”

The commission voted five to two to purchase the lights, low impact preferably and go to the community and Recreation Council for input and guidelines.