New Certification Requirement for Land Developers

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Randy Benton has been a contractor in Thomasville for many years and says he first received information about this new certification program by mail.

Thomasville Contractor Randy Benton said, "I think it’s a good thing to have a certified person on a sight. I think doing it for the environment is a great thing."

By January 1, anyone involved in land developing, construction, landscape, anything dealing with what experts call ‘disturbing the soil’ must complete a certification course offered by the Southwest Georgia Technical College.

Vice President of Economic Development Gary Pitts at the college said, "This new bill is going to make sure for future generations that our environment is properly maintained and taken care of. We expect over 20,000 people will be trained in Georgia and north Florida by the end of next year."

Florida already has this certification process in place, but officials say Floridians who work in Georgia will have to go through these courses to become certified in the Peach State, and it won't be a one-time thing.

Dale Johnson is the Coordinator for Continuing Education at the college, and she said, "What everybody needs to keep in mind is this is not a certification that's going to give a lifetime guarantee, there will be recertification, and that's still to be determined by the state.”

The application process takes about two weeks. The first set of classes is set for September and space is limited.

There are three levels of courses for certification. To find out what level you are and for more information, call the Southwest Georgia Technical College at 229-227-2579.