Martin Lee Anderson's Family Files Suit

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"Just to all the parents. When you hug your children tonight, imagine the loss of losing one like I lost mine," said Gina Jones, who lost her son but refuses to lose in her family's fight for justice.
The boy died while in custody at the Bay County Boot Camp. His family is filing a wrongful death lawsuit against the Bay County Sheriff's Office and the Department of Juvenile Justice.
"Today we're going forward trying to get justice the best way we know how," said attorney Benjamin Crump.
The boy's family and attorneys say they've waited for justice since that fateful day when Anderson was manhandled by guards. The brutal beating was caught on surveillance video showing the 14-year-old repeatedly punched and kicked, then carried away on a stretcher. He died at a hospital the next day.

"The family continues to have to deal with the pain and suffering of the images of Martin Lee Anderson on that boot camp field being tortured to death," said Crump.

Wednesday's lawsuit filed in Leon County court comes after Bay County officials shot down a $3 million settlement offer.

"They're in a position now that they have no choice but to resort to the courts and they are the type of people who had they had an opportunity to try to resolve it, they would have, so that the opportunity is not there and they must seek justice in the court of law," said attorney Daryl Parks.

The attorneys are comparing this case to one in Texas where an 18-year-old died two months after being at a boot camp there.

A jury in Texas awarded that family $40 million. Attorneys here say they believe a Florida jury will award even more than that because this case, though similar, is even more severe.