Florida Teacher of the Year

A Martin County high school teacher is named as Florida's Teacher of the Year in Orlando.

Conney Dahn from Jensen Beach High School beat out more than 180,000 public school teachers for the honor.

Dahn is recognized for creating a special kind of classroom independence that allows disabled students to regulate their own behavior by grading themselves on a checklist. She also is a Special Olympics coach and directs a choral ensemble of disabled students.

As Teacher of the Year, Dahn will get $10,000 and her school will get a $1,000 grant, but the spotlight was still shining brightly on our area.

Teachers from both Leon County and Taylor County were among the top five finalists.

Jan Graham, a Cobb Middle School language arts teacher, was named as a finalist, along with Suwannee Middle School seventh grade teacher Melissa Brinson.

This is the second year in a row two Big Bend area teachers have been among the top five vying for Teacher of the Year.