Missed Diagnosis in Children

With so many children interacting in one classroom, someone is bound to get sick.

Day care providers say it can be trouble when just one child comes to class ill.

Mariea Allen, Owner of Lady Bug Learning, says, "Usually it's the stomach bug, where you have a child that comes in perfectly fine and then all the sudden they're not. Then you have two or three."

Nancy Benson, Assistant Director at YMCA Child Care Center, says, "It has a domino effect. We get one in; the staff get sick, the children stay sick, they pass it to the parents. It's just, it's a domino effect."

New research by Vanderbilt University Medical Center finds more doctors miss diagnosing the flu.

But Doctor Peralta with the Pediatric Center says he's surprised to hear this.

"There is a rapid flu test now that can diagnosis children within 10 to 15 minutes of doing a little nasal swab. It surprises me that the flu is so misdiagnosed or missed."

Doctor Peralta adds without the test, the flu can be mistaken for a cold or even allergies, "Generally the difference between the flu and let's say your regular upper respiratory cold infection is the amount of fever and how sick the child is."

Doctor Peralta says if you think your child has the flu, take them to the doctor immediately. If the flu is diagnosed in the first 24 to 48 hours, prescriptions can be taken to help fight it faster.