Gangs Are a Growing Problem in Thomasville

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People move to Thomasville to get away from big city life, others say the small town appeal makes them feel safe. That's why some residents say they’re surprised to find out gangs are a growing problem in the Rose City.

"I didn't even know gang activity was a problem here in Thomasville, actually."

"To me, Thomasville shouldn't have gangs because it’s a bad influence on children.”

“I'm concerned because my grandparents are older and they can't really protect themselves."

Others say they can definitely see changes in their community because of gang activity.

Thomasville police say violent crimes continue to rise with drive-by shootings and weapons on the street. That's why the community is taking action with the anti-gang coalition.

SGT Rachelle Denmark with the Thomasville Police Department says, "We're putting together presentations with our coalition to educate our community. That's one of our primary objectives is educating our community on knowing what to look for."

Teenagers involved in gangs tend to show signs such as low attendance at school, secretive behavior, wearing certain colors, and refusing other colors. Another sign is drawing symbols on notebooks or even other property.

To keep this from becoming a larger problem officials say police and the community will have to work together.