Frustrated Floridians Fill Up Governor's Inbox

Gov. Jeb Bush is getting buried in e-mails from home and business owners caught up in Florida’s insurance crisis.

Angry home and business owners who’ve been e-mailing the governor about the lack of affordable or even available insurance are definitely getting Jeb Bush’s attention.

The governor says, "People are in constant communication with me, I can guarantee you. That is probably the number one short-term challenge our state faces."

We asked to see some of those e-mails, and here’s a sampling.

Fred Philp’s premium more than doubled to $2,200 a year. Mary Bastien’s premium soared to $3,200 when a company called First Home bought her policy from citizens, and Angela Milan’s mother in Pasco County called her in tears with a $5,300 premium that may cost her her home.

And it’s not just homeowners. Barbara Hunter of Fort Walton Beach writes her business insurance policy was cancelled out of the blue and no other companies will write her windstorm coverage. Now she and her husband are afraid they’ll lose their small business and everything they’ve worked all their lives for.

Some e-mails offer ideas.

Donna Filpi of Shalimar says, “How about a federal tax deduction for insurance premiums?” The governor says he’s open to suggestions.

"Frankly, I think right now, the approach ought to be take everybody’s idea, and put them on the table and vent them because this is a serious problem."

The only solution for some home and business owners may be to leave Florida.