Unsolved Mysteries

New leads, but no arrests; investigators are still trying to track down the killer on a month-old murder.

Perry police say the investigation of the death of 23-year-old Chivorski Burney is tedious and time consuming, but it is progressing.

Residents say they want it over.

Moncrief Ervin, a Perry resident, said, "We are hoping and praying that some closure will come to this and that these things could quit happening in our community. I think it's getting dangerous when murders start happening right on the church ground."

Burney was found shot to death in his car behind the Temple of God Church on May 28. Investigators cannot divulge details, but say they have leads.

Patrolman Gene Franklin of the Perry Police Department said, "I've had several people come up to me and give me information, which has been keeping us on the right track, but it's far from complete."

The community also remembers a couple of other unsolved murders over the past few years. Genevieve Severence was found stabbed to death in the then Sun and Sand Motel. Then the remains of Pearl Williams were found near a dirt road off of Highway 19.

DET Jim Wiggins of the Perry Police Department said, "You never close out a homicide case. You still work on it and follow up on all the leads."

There were no arrests made in any of the cold case files.

Police are urging anyone with any information on any of these unsolved murders to call the Perry Police Department at 850-584-5121.