Commissioner Candidate Switches Races

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Bryan Desloge says he initially ran for the at-large seat because it was the only one available, but last week the District Four seat opened, the seat he really wants.

The local Republican Party is filing a complaint saying Desloge should not be allowed to use money raised for one race to fund another.

Dan Abel, Chairman of the Leon County Republican Party, said, “The person who has donated to Mr. Delosge's campaign should be entitled to all of their money, since he has ran for one race, was telling them he was running for one race, when his intention all along was to run for a different one."

Bryan Desloge said, "I took a deep breath and looked and said I know this isn't going to be perfect and I know I'm going to ruffle some feathers, but in the grand scheme of things I looked at it said, what do I want to do, and I want to serve as county commissioner and so this made the most sense to me."

The Office of Elections has clear guidelines for dealing with candidates switching races, and Desloge says his campaign is following the rules and will refund anyone who is not in support of his current race.