ATM Heist Fails

Some bold would-be bank robbers went to work before dawn this morning.

Tallahassee police say two men pulled up to an ATM at the AmSouth bank on Apalachee Parkway and tried to rip it free from the drive through with a steel lasso.

Officers say when that didn't work, they rammed it with their pickup truck and busted it open but couldn't get their hands on any money.

SGT Mark Meadows, Tallahassee Police Department says, "I think where their plan fell apart is most of these outside AMT's weigh a couple of tons, a couple of guys are not going to pick this thing up and load it up. Plus, they picked a well populated area. They're out in front of a big Wal-Mart with people driving by; there are witnesses and they didn't take into account that when you knock 'em off the pedestal, the alarm goes off."

There were surveillance photos taken during the heist.

Police investigators say the duo fled the scene in a Chevy Blazer and left the ramming pickup truck behind. It turned out to be stolen.