Teens Face More Burglary Charges

A trio of teenagers accused in a string of burglaries on Tallahassee's north side is in even more trouble today.

Deputies say the teens are responsible for home and car burglaries from Hawks Glen to Killearn Lakes.

Another eight charges were added today and investigators say it includes the theft of handgun which is still missing.

SGT Chris Chase, Leon County Sheriff's Office Spokesman says, "Now we have a gun that's out on the street that we're trying to track down and isolate. It's a scary thing for parents to think about, that there is a gun out there now that was stolen from a car and is out there in the community."

Eighteen-year-olds Darnell Jordan and Kevin Bryant are facing burglary charges. So is Kalan Norris who turned 18 Friday, but his picture is not available yet because he was taken to juvenile lock up.

Leon County Sheriff's detectives say they're working with Tallahassee Police on this case now and expect to clear several other burglaries with these arrests, too.