Classic Convertibles in Tallahassee

A blast from the past in Tallahassee this week as some rare "Retractable Fords" make a pit stop.

These Skyliners in classic colors like torch red and sun gold have been buffed and shined 'till you need sunglasses!!

The 57s, 58s and 59s have been on display at the Ramada Inn North all week and most of them were driven here by their proud owners.

Larry Gaskill, Retractable Ford Owner from Indiana says, "I drove over 900 miles down here and you get a lot of this (thumbs up) you know going along the highway. It’s really neat to drive them and a lot of times we have 10,12,15 sometimes 20 of us together and it's just really neat the way people stop and look at them and ask questions."

The Ford Retractable club meets in a different city every year. There are folks in Tallahassee from as far away as Iowa and Connecticut.

Club members estimate there are about 3,500 of these beauties still on the road.