Enrollment Climbs at TCC

A policy to not limit enrollment at Tallahassee Community College may be in jeopardy if TCC continues its rapid growth without additional funding from the legislature.

Head eagle bill law says this summer's enrollment is two to three times higher than in years past.

Many students at TCC say they picked the community college because of its intimate environment, but if summer enrollment is any indication of numbers to come it may be tough to touch down in eagle country.

President Bill Law cites two reasons for the jump of almost 700 students this summer. He believes many are trying to beat the proposed tuition hikes. He also feels TCC is receiving the overflow from limited enrollment at universities. While delighted about the boost in numbers, Law says funding from the legislature isn't keeping up.

Law says the school can handle the growth this fall, spring and possibly next summer. After that, he says if the funding isn't there, TCC will have to revisit its unlimited enrollment policy.