Tallahassee Shooting

Around 10:25 Friday night, Tallahassee Police responded to a 911 call in reference to a traffic crash with injuries in front of 2677 Old Bainbridge Road near the Campus Lodge Apartment complex. That's when witnesses say they saw 28-year-old Diaquri Ball mutilating himself with a metal object.

Police OFC Doug Kutchera was on scene and attempted to make contact with Ball, but was advised by witnesses that Ball was acting "crazy."

Off duty Tallahassee Police OFC Cleveland Allen was also on scene and officer Kutchera asked Allen if he had a Taser.

Allen then ran to get his taser, and when he did, Ball ran after him.

Fearing for the safety of OFC Allen, Officer Kutchera then began Chasing Ball, telling Ball to stop. Ball then turned towards Kutchera and began coming at him in a threatening manner.

Police say, feeling he was under imminent threat, Kutchera shot Ball. Officers were on scene immediately started rendering aid, but Ball died on the scene. OFC Doug Kutchera has been placed on administrative assignment until the investigation is complete.