Butterfly Festival

Melissa Campos brought her five-year old-daughter to enjoy "Winged Wonders Butterfly Festival" at Birdsong Nature Center.

Campos says, "She's already made a caterpillar and a butterfly and she's just hopping from one place to another looking at all the animals and doing all the crafts. She is just having a great time."

This is the first year for the festival, and it's a hot one outside, which organizers say is perfect for spotting butterflies.

Kathleen Brady, Executive Director at Birdsong Nature Center, says, "It's the perfect time of year for butterflies. They love the heat and that's when their nectar plants are in their full bloom, so this is a great time to actually to see them."

Campos adds, "I love being out in the wild and looking, having the plants grow to their culture, their own area, and I'm getting some good ideas for my own garden."

Along with butterfly spotting, the festival offers guided tours, presentations and even the plants needed to start your own butterfly garden right at home.

Organizers say the best time to spot lots of butterflies is May through October, with the peak being the hottest days.