Police Shooting

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Around 10:25 Friday night, the Tallahassee Police Department responded to a call involving a traffic crash with injuries in front of an apartment complex off of Old Bainbridge Road.

Officers were shocked when they looked inside the car.

OFC John Newland said, "OFC Katchera arrived on scene where he observed a black male with some blood around the stomach area up to the knee cap area. The man was trying to cut himself."

Authorities say Doug Katchera attempted to make contact with 28-year-old Diaquiri Ball, but was advised by a witness that Ball was acting crazy. An off duty officer, Cleveland Allen, arrived on scene to help Katchera.

Newland said, "Katchera does not carry a taser, so the off duty officer started running to get his, and as he was running to go get his taser the suspect ran after OFC Allen, the off duty officer."

Police say Katchera felt Ball was going to harm OFC Allen or someone else, so he chased him down the driveway of Springwood Apartments.

Newland says, "The suspect turned around and started coming back at OFC Katchera and at that point OFC Katchera fired his weapon."

Officers on scene immediately started rendering aid and called for EMS, but Ball died on scene.