Looking For Justice

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Family members of stabbing victim don smith say the sheriff's office did not do a thorough job in investigating smith's death, and as a result, Alex Jacobs, who admitted to killing Smith, is a free man.

Gadsden County's Chief Deputy, Maj. Spooner, denies those allegations. He says his deputies did a thorough job.

Spooner wasn't able to talk on camera but did say, "We are sorry the family lost someone but we presented all the evidence that was available, we reviewed the case thoroughly and interviewed all the witnesses and submitted it to the state attorney, the jury decided it was case of self defense.”

Still, family members say this was a premeditated act.

"I don't believe it was self defense, he actually sat in court and said yes he killed him and he didn't give a reason why," Berry says.

Smith was stabbed to death at this home on Prescott Street. Sheriff’s reports indicate Smith went to Jacob's home and asked him to come outside. Smith then hit Jacobs with a stick, and Jacobs then went back inside the house and retrieved a knife and stabbed Smith in the chest.

Prosecuting attorney, Rick Combs say a jury of six found Jacobs acted in self-defense.

"There was no other witnesses to what occurred and no real physical evidence so the only thing they had was the defendant's version and it was up to the jury to decide if that was self defense or not," Combs says.