Police Shooting Follow-Up

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Friday night investigators say Tallahassee Police OFC Doug Kutchera shot and killed 28-year-old Diaquiri Ball after the officer says Ball had the potential to hurt himself and those around him.

Investigators say off duty Tallahassee Police OFC Cleveland Allen was there. The new twist is that police have now admitted that Ball's girlfriend is OFC Allen's sister.

OFC John Newland said, "OFC Allen was leaving that apartment complex and as he drove up the hill, he observed his sister, who was standing on the side of the road. She had just been picked up by her boyfriend."

Witnesses told police that Ball was acting crazy and attempting to mutilate himself. Police say Ball chased after Allen and OFC Kutchera. Kutchera said he felt threatened and fired.

OFC John Newland said, "We ultimately find out that the boyfriend is actually the one we had the incident with where we end up having to shoot him."

Neighbors living in Springwood Apartments heard the shots and say they were nervous.

Resident Shakuanda Lewis was in her apartment when she heard shots.

"Friday night there were lots of shots, and I didn't really think about it, and then my aunt came upstairs and said did you hear that, and I said yeah, and all we saw was a bunch of cops up front over here.”

Moments later, police came by questioning Lewis and other residents.

Lewis said, "They just asked if we had seen anybody that had run in the back of our house and stuff because they said it started up there and came down here."

Police say they tried to save Ball, but it was too late.

OFC Doug Kutchera remains on administrative reassignment until the investigation is complete.