Students Merged in Jefferson County

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The district decided to close Howard Middle and merge the two facilities on the grounds of Jefferson High School.

The campus of Jefferson County High School is a buzz with construction. Work crews are busy hammering the details on a new modular, which will house several different services for middle school students.

So far no new classrooms are scheduled for construction.

Marghurite Bulloch said, "The middle school children will primarily attend classes on the north side of the campus. With the building now, certain students will go out periodically to attend enrichment classes."

School officials say the campus is large enough to accommodate both the middle and high schools, and at this time they will not be constructing additional modules.

Every detail of the transition is being addressed. Principal Juliette Jackson is fine tuning all the schedules to ensure the transition runs as smoothly as possible.

"We've been working all summer making sure the transition is seamless with less stress for our students and for teachers and parents."

Jackson's goal is to integrate the best staff from both schools to meet the demands of the students as they vow to achieve excellence as a norm for both institutions.

Some 600 students will attend classes on that campus. School opens August 10 in Jefferson County.