Tallahassee Airport Gets New Luggage Screener

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To many airline passengers, the biggest drawback to travel is waiting on lines to go through security screenings.

"They look through everything. You gotta take your laptop out," said passenger Leslie Evans.

But now airline travelers may not have to wait as long. Tallahassee Regional Airport is replacing one of its baggage screening machines with equipment that can take more suitcases at one time.

It’s all meant to improve screening time and help keep better track of baggage.

"We've been having a backlogging of bags at both of the machines, and in order to help decrease that backlog and to get them through faster and to make sure they make the flight, we wanted to increase the capacity," said Airport Administrator Michael Clow.

Eight-year-old Portia Jakes says she and her family often worry about losing luggage.

"That's gonna be a better situation for us and stuff like that. It'll make it better for us to get things here and there."

Bill Schack says he travels pretty frequently and knows how frustrating waiting can be.

"If it can get your luggage through quicker and get you to your flight quicker and get you where you gotta go in a timely manner, I think that might help," he said.

Airport officials say wait time may get worse before it gets better because it'll take a few days for the new screener to be fully up and running.

In the meantime there will be just one machine instead of two. The airport is asking passengers to arrive 30-45 minutes early this week, especially for the morning flights.