Cairo High School Arson Arrests

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The In School Suspension building at Cairo High School was set on fire in June 2005.

Police say after months of investigation and no leads, the investigation wound down, but then just days ago they stumbled on some new evidence.

INV Johnny Myers with the Cairo Police Department said, "I was doing a follow-up investigation on another case, when during an interview I got information on Cairo High School."

Investigators then followed a few new leads and were able to arrest now 18-year-old Christian Armentor and his now 17-year-old accomplice. Police say these boys spent a lot of time in the ISS building and say that's probably the reason it was their target.

When the two set the building on fire there was one witness to the crime, but it was too dark to identify anyone. Now this alleged act of felony revenge could land them in prison for a very long time.

Myers said, "Both have been charged with first degree arson with burglary. The burglary was entering the building to commit the offense of arson. Both sentences can carry up to 20 years."

Residents and school officials are very happy to be putting this matter behind them.

Superintendent of Grady County Schools Steve Wooten said, "We are excited that law enforcement did not let this fall through the cracks. We're happy they made arrests and we hope they'll prosecute them to the fullest of the law."

Armentor will be tried as an adult since he was 17 at the time of the fire, and his partner was 16 at the time and will be tried as a juvenile.

Even though police have full confessions from both suspects, the two are still pointing fingers at each other as to whose idea it was. A new ISS building is in the works right now, and school officials say it will be ready in two weeks.