Green Thumbed Thieves

Mowers, blowers and edgers are disappearing at an alarming rate in Leon County.

In the last few weeks, thieves have targeted lawn care crews in northern and eastern Leon County.

Deputies estimate burglars have stolen more than $10,000 in equipment so far, most of it while crews are busy working in backyards and out of view of their trailers.

SGT Steve Harrelson of the Leon County Sheriff's Office said, "It could be pawn shops, items are being pawned. It could be just people driving by getting equipment for their own personal use, or it can be some of the small, fly by night companies that can't afford this high end equipment going by and picking stuff up out of the trailers."

Deputies have no way of knowing if the thefts are the work of the same person or not. They encourage lawn care companies to be more diligent about locking up their equipment while on job sites.