County to Finish Trailer Cleanup

A years-long dispute over a lot full of dilapidated trailers is coming to a head.

Neighbors who live along Rhodes Cemetery Road in Woodville have long complained about the gutted trailers surrounded by insulation and debris.

In May, the land owner and the man who owns the trailers were given 60 days to clean it all up. Those 60 days ran out Tuesday, and while some trailers have been removed, plenty remain. The code enforcement board will now ask for permission to finish the job.

Emma Smith with Leon County Code Compliance said, "What will happen is it is out of county coffers, yes; however, we will be billing the property owners as well as the violator to recoup those costs."

A county attorney says the two men will have to share the cost of cleanup and the $113,000 in fines levied against them.

The land owner insists he will not pay one dime because the trailers were put on his property without his permission. The county commission will consider setting aside money for the cleanup at its next meeting.