Suspicious Packages Explained

Three packages on the front lawn on election day in Thomasville caused hours of concern and careful work by the bomb squad.

Police took no shortcuts when dealing with the suspicious boxes, roping off several blocks surrounding the Federal Courthouse into the early morning hours, allowing authorities to get close enough to examine the contents of the boxes.

When the first officers arrived at the courthouse they say they knew right away they had a bomb threat on their hands and immediately called in the Georgia Bureau of Investigations.

A bomb robot was sent in to investigate the three packages, none of which actually contained a bomb.

Antonio Green, a resident of Thomasville, said, "I think it was probably a prank or something. Somebody just wanted a lot of commotion going on, that's about it."

Although some residents weren't too concerned with the scare at the Federal Courthouse, authorities say they must take all necessary precautions when dealing with a suspicious package.

CAPT Troy Rich of the Thomasville Police Department said, "The boxes were brown boxes with black electrical tape and some of the boxes had some wires that were exposed that gave the indication of a suspicious package."

Authorities say they got a break in the case with just one phone call.

Rich added, "The electrician read the story, heard about the story and immediately called and said, ‘those are my boxes and I left them behind, and I apologize.’"

Investigators say they handled this threat just as they would any other, and because the boxes were not placed on the lawn intentionally no charges will be filed.