SPLOST Vote Reaction

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Thomas County voters approved the Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax, known as SPLOST, on election day. The one percent sales tax passed with 70 percent voter approval.

A resident of Thomas County, Gail Lancaster, said, "I'm absolutely thrilled at the results of the SPLOST vote. I, of course, voted. This, of course, was something that was very much needed and I think it passed because the people of Thomas County have a tremendous amount of pride."

The six-year, $36 million tax will fund a multipurpose county building, recreation, library expansion, and a communications tower. It will also help restore the historic Thomas County Courthouse.

Thomas County resident Alesha Hauser said, "I went on the tours of the courthouse building and saw there was really no room for expansion for anything really in the building, and saw how they were functioning, and I feel that we really need a new courthouse in Thomasville.”

While the majority of the voters in Thomas County are in favor of the latest tax, some residents worry about its financial impact.

John Clayton, a resident of Thomas County, said, "It's kind of devastating to the poor people and the disenfranchised people of Thomas County, Georgia."

The concern over the tax's effect on the community could be one of the reasons SPLOST was defeated 16 months ago, but Gail Lancaster feels the people were misinformed.

Lancaster said, "Once there was a proper campaign, a very good campaign launched to explain these issues to the public, you see what happened. What happened was voters expressed their clear approval of the SPLOST.