Teen Smoking Is Leveling Off

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Most American teens have made the decision to not smoke.

"Well, first and foremost, just for my health. We've all been taught the negative things that go along with smoking" said 19-year-old Denna Lavieri.

But the Centers for Disease Control and other health agencies are worried about the teens that are choosing to smoke, saying that statistic is changing in bad way.

Brenda Olson with the American Lung Association said, "Smoking rates have flattened out and are actually climbing a bit. This is very concerning."

A report done by the CDC says now, one in four teens smoke. The report attributes the stalled rate to several possible causes, including less money for states' anti-tobacco programs, increased spending on tobacco ads, and more smoking in movies and on TV.

"Not only are we concerned about smoking in movies, we're concerned about the amount of money tobacco companies are spending on marketing," added Olson.

Teen Jonathan Clow said there's also peer pressure.

"They'll do it because they think they can fit in with the right crowd, or be rebellious."

Health experts say smoking is the leading preventable cause of death, and the prevention must start early.