Officers Memorial in Washington D.C.

The name of a slain Tallahassee Police Sergeant is now permanently etched in stone in the nation’s capital.

Last week, Dale Green's name was added to the National Law Enforcement Memorial.

Name after name, more than 16,000 of them; officers who have been killed in the line of duty. On the 26th panel on the west side wall is now inscribed the name of Tallahassee’s own Dale Green.

"I spent a couple of hours there, I want to say Tuesday, and that the was the most moving and hard thing I've done. And then to see other widows just staring at that wall for hours. I was very glad I had a picture of Dale in my purse that I could put on the wall."

The Green family, along with the Tallahassee police chief and six of Dale's fellow officers visited the nation's capital this week as the president saluted 148 officers, who like Dale, made the ultimate sacrifice.

"You know there are probably 100 cops like this who did everything right and still have their names on the wall."

"We were able to make rubbings of Dale's name, and it's very inspiring to see all the things people leave and all the names."

A huge American flag flies forever at half staff above the national law enforcement officer memorial, and Sgt. Dale Green's family will forever know the honor and heartache for seeing his name there.

The Green family made many rubbings of dale's name to bring back to family and friends. After meeting the president Thursday, Sgt. Green's son described the week in Washington as "the best vacation for the worst reason."