Gas Thefts

Three people are under arrest in connection with a stolen gas ring, but not all of the gas thieves are going for the big time haul.

Longtime Suwannee County EMT employee Jack Corbin, his son Joshua, and Misty Creamer are under arrest for stealing 2,700 gallons of gas from the county's fuel system.
The trio was using special keys and stolen PIN numbers for months.

Corrective actions are now being taken.

Johnny Wooley, Suwannee County Coordinator, said, "We've added additional securities with locked gates, security cameras, which will also be operating on with a PIN number; odometer readings. Anytime you purchase gas you have to put all of that information in in order to be able to pump gas."

The City of Live Oak had a similar problem when a contracted employee stole about 1,200 gallons of gas, but it's not just county and city employees breaking the law when it comes to gas.

Tony Cameron, Suwannee County Sheriff, said, "Just like every other community, we do have gas drive-offs. We just had a gentleman that filled up with $89 worth of gas and drove away. That was within the last day or so."

Most drivers do say they just suck it up and pay, even though they don't like it.

Joe Switzer, a Calhoun County resident, said, "I'm complaining about the price of gas. I just gassed up and it cost me $63.24. This is really ridiculous for less than a 20-gallon tank."

Javan Ferguson, a Leon County resident, said, "I've got to drive up to Boulder, Colorado. I have to rent a trailer so I figure what would've been a $400 trip is now going to cost about $1,000."

Law enforcement reminds motorists stealing is stealing, no matter the price of gas. The three charged with the county gas theft have been released on bond.