FSU Student Home Safely From Lebanon

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No sleep, one shower, 72 hours, one bus ride and five flights later Betsy Barre is back home on safe soil.

Barre was studying religion in Beirut when fighting broke out between Israeli forces and Hezbollah.

Barre said, "We thought okay this is more serious than what has happened in the past and a few of us were much more scared and actually two of us decided that we were going to leave."

Meanwhile Barre's husband and family were in the States watching the events unfolding on television.

Justin Esarey, Betsy's husband, said, "I got hysterical pretty quickly . I guess that's bad, but it's true. When Israel made the statement that they were considering blaming the Lebanese government to be at fault and considered it an act of war that was the point I called her and said whatever it takes get out now."

Barre said, "So we were packed and ready to go and then the next morning we woke up and the airport was gone."

As foreign students of other countries evacuated, Barre and 100 American students waited for help. Finally International SOS an Aide Organization arrived.

Barre's family decided to pay her way back home.

Barre said, "It was a split second decision I had about a 20 minute window because this was the last evacuation I-SOS was doing."

With the fighting escalating and road blocks, Barre says they crossed the border into Syria by bus then took a flight into Cypress.

She bought tickets home and flew to London, Newark, Atlanta and her final destination Tallahassee.

Barre said, "Honestly I was so tired I was somewhat delirious, but it was great to see my husband."

This experience hasn't changed Barre's course if anything she says it has strengthened her belief that in order to have peace there needs to be dialogue and people that understand the culture.

Though she says it'll be a while before she is back in the Middle East.