Career Education Program

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Students at Leon County's School of Academics and Technology have the opportunity to get hands-on experience with the all things technical. The new automotive tech studies lab at Godby High School teaches students about the insides and the workings of vehicles.

"It's pretty good if you want to be an auto mechanic," said Godby High School senior Jarvis Davis.

Both programs are part of Leon County's Career Education Program, and more offerings are on the way.

"Health services is one area, tech is another. Construction is an area we're choosing to explore, finance is another," said Superintendent of Leon County Schools Jim Croteau.

Administrators say these classes are great for students who may not want to go on to college because it gives them a marketable skill for the workplace while in high school.

"And by the time they reach their senior year, they'll be able to go out on 'ex-ternships'. We have lots of partners with the community," said the coordinator of the Rickards High School Health Science Academy, Kellie Caswell.

The program is also a good call for students who do plan to go to college. They may even be eligible for some money through bright futures.

Administrators say college bound or not, this program will pave the way to success for many students.

In the near future, the district will also be offering classes for nursing and pharmacy careers. To find out more about career education options, call Leon County Schools at 850-487-7235.