Drumline Choreographer

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Now the organization is adding dancing to its repertoire, and the talented group is getting lessons from a choreographer well-known for his work on the big screen.

With the wind beneath their wings, these talented teens are taking center stage, dancing routines all choreographed by Brian Williams.

Williams is responsible for the electrifying dance moves in the hit movie Drumline, and now he's using his expertise, training members of the Boys Choir of Tallahassee, for an upcoming competition in Puerto Rico.

Choreographer Brian Williams said, "I hope through hard work and the basic of technique we can teach them. They can learn not only from an aspect of performing, but that's the essential tool to take them into life.”

Tobias Bryant, a Boys Choir member, said, "We're learning many different things like ballet to hip hop, and were learning that practice really does make perfect, and I think this year we're going to be pretty good for competition."

Competition aside, organizers are hoping these boys learn life lessons of dedication and commitment to excellence.

Earle Lee, director of the Boys Choir, said, "It's so important for the kids in Tallahassee to know this may not be New York or Atlanta where they film, or Los Angeles, but you're just as important, so I went out and I got the best for them, so I expect the best out of them."

The world has seen their best vocally. Now they'll see them running circle around the competition next year. The Boys Choir of Tallahassee will hold a benefit concert at Bethel AME on August 19.

The dance competition in Puerto Rico is scheduled for next March.