No End in Sight for Middle East Violence

With no end in sight to the escalating violence in the Middle East, evacuees can't get out fast enough.

Residents in the battle zone are hoping for international intervention, but for now it looks like words, not action, are all they're going to get.

Israeli commanders say they won't stop the offensive until the threat of attack is wiped out and warned its troops: we're in it for the long haul.

Americans in Lebanon caught in the fight are fleeing with the help of U.S. marines who hit the beaches of Beirut for the first time in two decades.

Out of the war zone and back home to the U.S, the second plane of evacuees landed in Baltimore. More are on the way until every American that wants to escape can.

Israeli officials say their heavy artillery is aimed at breaking the back of Hezbollah and Hamas, but civilians are paying the price and for the moment all the international community seems willing to do is urge restraint.

Kofi Annan, United Nations Secretary-General, says, "While Hezbollah's actions are deplorable, and Israel has a right to defend itself, the excessive use of force is to be condemned."

The U.N. Secretary-General has also called for a break in the fighting in order to take the steps toward a diplomatic end, an unlikely scenario without direct us involvement.

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice may travel here early next week, but the fierce fighting gets worse by the day, each side trading punches and staring down the barrel of what's to come.