Tax Free Back to School Shopping!

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Haven Mills likes to bring her mother with her as she gets ready for the new school year.

"I love going shopping for back to school because it's a chance to shop," she says.

And for mom, Brenda Mills, tax-free shopping makes back to school shopping a little more enjoyable.

"It certainly helps," says Mills.

In Florida, tax-free shopping for certain items starts on July 22 and goes until the 30th. Florida lawmakers decided something needed to be done to give back to the taxpayer, and a strategically timed tax free holiday was just the answer. It includes clothing and related items priced $50 or less, books priced $50 or less, and school supplies $10 or less.

But be warned, there is a list of items you might find in these back to school sections that are not included like binders, construction paper and staplers. For the average taxpayer and shopper, this break makes a difference.

Brenda Mills adds, "Every little bit helps."

Georgia's tax free holiday gets underway Thursday, August 3 and runs through Sunday, August 6.