Migrant Academics

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Several kids have opted to forego fun in the sun for books, just to get a head start academically.

Andrea Jimenez is hoping to get promoted to the ninth grade. Instead of basking in the sun, she's using her summer vacation to get a leg up academically.

Andrea Jimenez said, "I was having timetable problems, like fractions, and in language arts it was everything because I really didn't get it."

Now Jimenez and several migrant students are getting the knowledge they need to be prepared this fall.

For the past two months, the "PAEC" migrant program in Quincy has been operating a summer school helping students do well academically.

Gonzolez, a teacher, said, "Most of my students do not speak English and have problems understanding what the teachers are telling them in the classrooms, so when they come to me in the summer I try to help them with their English skills.”

And thanks to teachers and an English-Spanish dictionary, these kids are getting the skills they need to succeed.

Yesenia Medrano added, "It has helped me in my weakness, for example, math, and helped me with fractions and other stuff."

More than 12 students are enrolled in the program, and it's scheduled to end this month.