Qualifying Closes in Florida

Qualifying is over and the races are on. Forty nine candidates will make it to the ballot this fall for local Leon County races. This year there will be more ballot styles than ever, a result of a 2005 Florida Legislature decision requiring that results be produced based on precincts, regardless if another precinct has the same ballot.

Leon County's Supervisor of Election’s Office will be printing a record breaking 523 ballot styles.

Ion Sancho, Leon County Supervisor of Elections, said, "We're forced to change how we print ballots, how we report results for the state, and that's a one sentence change by the Florida Legislature. Instead of 33 ballot styles like we had under the 2004 law, we have to print 523 different ballot styles, which means the cost to voters for printing ballots is going to sky rocket."

Sancho says new requirement will triple the cost of printing the additional ballots as compared to 2004. For a complete list of candidates for Leon County's 2006 local races, go to our website's "As Seen on WCTV" link.

The deadline to register for the September Primary is August 7, and for the November General Election you must register by October 10.