Deadly Virus Closes Animal Shelter

A deadly virus attacked occupants of a local animal shelter and closed the shelter for weeks now.

An outbreak of parvo has closed the gates of the Taylor County Animal Shelter and a number of dogs have been euthanized. Animal Control officers say they only have a vague idea how the often deadly canine virus got into the kennels.

Carrie Tucker, Taylor County Animal Control Officer, said, "We evidently had a litter of puppies that came in with it. From there everyone started getting sick. We realized we had a problem and began re-concreting, resealing the kennels, taking out all of our poorest materials. We have bleached, we parvocided trying to rid ourselves of this disease."

The shelter has been closed for more than a month now while it's being cleaned, except for a few dogs that officers had no choice but to let in because of vicious behavior. They are quarantined.

In the meantime, citizens are helping out by housing the shelter's animals.

J.W. Monroe, a Taylor County resident, said, "We're feeding the dog good, we're taking care of the dog. It makes us feel good that we can help the shelter because I know the shelter is there for us. Anything we can do to help the shelter is a return favor."

Officers say parvo outbreaks are a continual problem at the shelter. To help prevent the intestinal virus, they urge all pet owners to have their puppies vaccinated. The animal shelter is expected to reopen early next week.