Day One of the Tax-Free Holiday

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Many residents prepared for a shopping marathon full of savings and many things such as school supplies and clothing.

One shopper, Rhonda Kenyon, traveled four hours from Georgia to seed out the savings.

She said, "We're able to save a little bit more money. I only have one child to buy for this school year and I like that they're doing it without sales tax."

The tax free holiday is a relief to many folks who say this is the time you get more bang for your buck.

Paige Row and Samantha Rhody, shoppers, said, "You get more clothes and you get more spending money later."

The girls said the stores were ready for the crowd with sales for shoppers.

Paige Row said, "Most of the stores are having big sales for it so you can get a lot of stuff for cheaper."

Theresa Hernandez is a second grade teacher in Wakulla who's extremely happy her dollars will go a long way this tax holiday.

Hernandez said, "I have to buy a lot, so I'm saving money with the tax free, plus a lot of things I bought were on sale."

Many things may be on sale, but there are some items not included in the tax-free savings. Books, clothing, and footwear priced over $50 are not included, as well as any individual school supplies costing more than $10.

Florida's sales tax savings lasts through July 30 and Georgia shoppers can take advantage of a tax holiday from August 3 through August 6.