Chicken Wheelchairs Across the Road

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PETA activists were protesting against KFC Saturday afternoon. The protesters say chickens used for KFC's fried chicken restaurant are tortured while they are bred. They say the giant chicken represents the abused chickens.

"KFC is drugging and breeding the birds raised for their restaurants to grow so big so quickly that often times their weak legs break out underneath the weight of their massive upper bodies and they end up living their entire lives crippled and in chronic pain," said PETA Spokesperson Lindsay Rajt.

KFC's spokesperson, Diane Bloem, responded with this statement:

"KFC is committed to the well being and humane treatment of chickens. We're proud of our responsible, industry leading animal welfare guidelines. While we don't own any poultry facilities, we require all of our suppliers to follow welfare guidelines developed by us with leading experts on our animal welfare advisory counsel."

The giant PETA chicken spent about an hour crossing the road in front of the KFC on Apalachee Parkway.