Retired Mayor Passes Away

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Friends and family prepared to say farewell to a longtime mayor and friend to the Bainbridge, Georgia community. Bill Reynolds served as Bainbridge mayor from 1978 till this past January when he chose not to seek re-election after 27 years in office.

This weekend he lost his battle against colon cancer, a fight that started more than 10 years ago. He leaves behind family, friends, and a community that will mourn and admire him for years to come.

City Councilwoman Roslyn Palmer said, "Hindsight is 20/20, Bill Reynolds had foresight, our city's in good financial condition because of his foresight on so many issues."

Gloria Reeves has a store across the street from City Hall, and recalls seeing him all the time. She says he was a great mayor and an even greater man when Reeve's daughter fell ill years ago and Bill Reynolds was there for her.

Gloria Reeves says, "He and our daughter Amy share a lot of war stories, we call them, from the hospital and from their illness, and they had a bond because they shared the same types of surgery, and I saw an entirely different side of Bill."

Reynolds leaves behind a long list of accomplishments for Bainbridge, the most recent, construction of tennis courts in the sports complex named in his honor. Reynolds also served on the Region's Bank Board for many years, along side a lifelong friend, who says Bainbridge is what it is today because of Reynolds.

Harold Lambert says, "He was highly regarded not only in Bainbridge, but throughout the state; he was one of my closest friends."

Flags continue to fly at half staff, all to honor a man known as a great leader in the community. Funeral services will be held at 11 in the morning Tuesday the 25th at the Bainbridge First United Methodist Church. Bill Reynolds was 71 years old.