Psychopath Study at FSU

Its estimated psychopaths make up less than one percent of the population. However, they're accountable for 50 percent of criminal activity.

What's worse, it's basically untreatable in adults. That's why an FSU professor is researching ways to identify youngsters who may have psychopathic tendencies.

FSU psychology professor Bryan Loney says treating adult psychopaths is no easy task.

Loney says the key is prevention; finding out what behaviors may come before psychopathy. After interviewing teenage boys from an alternative school, the professor found a link between psychopathic traits and emotional impairment.

Loney looks for what he calls callous-unemotional traits such as lack of concern about the feelings of others, not showing emotion, and lack of remorse.

Although Loney sees his study as a step forward, he says treatment for youth or adults is still years away.

Loney hopes to continue developing studies to increase the ability to pinpoint and potentially divert anti-social behavior.