Amputees Across America

Amputees from across the country are logging thousands of miles by bicycle as part of the 5th annual Amputees Across America.

Joe Sapere of Chesapeake, Virginia has taken part from the beginning. He named a few of the stops they've made so far.

"Las Vegas, Tucson, Phoenix, Colorado Springs into Montgomery and down here."

The men are making the cross country trek to spread a message and prove a point that life doesn't end with the loss of a limb. They're making stops at 30 Health South Rehabilitation centers across the country.

Gary Summers recalls a recent conversation with a 68-year-old Sunday school teacher who lost her leg and thought all was lost.

Summers told her, "I'm riding a bicycle across America, 3,500 miles, and I said I think you can roll a wheel chair into a classroom and teach someone."

Joe Kalicki, a Maclay High School student, heard about the ride a couple of years ago, and this year he and three other teens divided up the trip. He biked from Colorado Springs to St. Louis.

Kalicki said he wants to take his message to the kids and teenagers out there who may think they have limits.

"I play sports. I have a social life. It's not over. It's a whole new beginning."

The Tallahassee Police Department's Sam Winton also joined in on the ride as the group rolled through town. He couldn't make the entire cross country journey because of work, but wanted to take part in any way he could. Winton said the message they are trying to spread goes beyond life without a limb, but life's journey.

"You can face crisis in life everyday and it's just important for people to realize that they can't just quit in life because they come up to a wall or a stumbling block."

There are a few more stops in Florida before the ride wraps up in Vero Beach on July 31.