Dock Bid Flap

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For a contractor, maintenance of the Keaton Beach boat ramp is a $50,000 prize. For the Taylor County Commission, it's a royal headache. This headache began with claims that the contract was not properly advertised.

"The court needs to intervene on behalf of a citizen who sought to obtain a contract with the county, and complied with all the requirements for submitting a bid," says Greg Parker.

Two contractors turned in bids, but only dale young's proposal made the deadline, however the commission did not open the bids and then rejected both, saying that
The contract was misadvertised. Now young has taken the county to court.

"I think that reasonable people would determine that rejecting the bids and re-bidding it would be the proper procedure," Conrad Bishop explains.

Two members of the Taylor County Commission, which voted four to one to reject the bids, were called on to testify.

"I felt that was the right thing to do. We've rejected bids before whether they were open or not. We have the right to accept or reject,” says Ed Sadler.

Darryl Gunter says, "Fairness was an issue, keep in mind I voted to accept the bids. Why did you do that? Because I'm ready for this whole project which has been going on for five or six years to come to some kind of conclusion."

Late Monday, Judge James Roy Bean ruled in favor of contractor Dale Young and granted a temporary injunction to halt the consideration of other bids.